Free Jekyll Theme - Pintereso

Free Jekyll Theme - Pintereso

Jekyll theme, Pinterest like!

“Pintereso” is a free Jekyll theme Pinterest like.

Looking for the WordPress version instead?

There are various ways you can use Pintereso with your Jekyll website. Here are some of them:

  • blogging
  • curated resources
  • affiliate marketing
  • resume
  • portfolio
  • photography

“Pintereso” Jekyll Theme Features

  • 100% Github Pages Compatibility
  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • SEO Ready
  • Search
  • Categories
  • Prev/Next Post
  • Pagination
  • Disqus Comments
  • Auto Sitemap
  • Feed
  • Formspree Contact Form
  • Pinterest, AddThis, Google Analytics
  • Font Awesome 5+
  • Cookie Consent & Privacy Policy

How to Use “Pintereso” Jekyll Theme

If you aren’t familiar with Jekyll yet, you should really give it a try! Jekyll is a static site generator which transforms your plain text into static websites and blogs. We recommend beginners to start with Jekyll’s Docs.

Quick Steps:
  • download Pintereso
  • install Jekyll
  • cd to Pintereso project
  • run bundle install
  • run jekyll serve --watch
  • visit the server address

Open _config.yml to customize your project:

name: 'Pintereso'
description: 'Jekyll Template for Bloggers & Photographers'
logo: 'assets/images/logo.png'
favicon: 'assets/images/logo.png'
baseurl: '/template-pintereso-bootstrap-jekyll'
avatar: 'assets/images/sal.jpg'
disqus: 'demowebsite'
email: '[email protected]'

Navigate to includes folder. From there you can edit/add:

  • footer copyright - footer-copyright.html
  • footer social menu - footer-social.html
  • menu header - menu-header.html
  • google analytics script - tracking-header.html
  • addthis script - tracking-footer.html

That’s it! Start writing! Include your articles in _posts folder & pages in _pages folder..

YAML Post Example:

title:  "Affiliates Jekyll Theme"
metadate: "hide"
categories: [ Free, Jekyll, Themes ]
image: "assets/images/affiliates.jpg"
visit: ""

YAML Page Example:

title: "About"
permalink: "/about.html"
image: "/assets/images/screenshot.jpg"

Pintereso is also available as WordPress.

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Free Jekyll Theme - Pintereso
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License: Designed & developed by Sal @wowthemesnet. View full license terms.