How to log in to your PayPal account without phone verification

How to log in to your PayPal account without phone verification

Note: This article is over 2 years old. It may no longer be relevant.

Since PayPal sends the account holder a text message with a confirmation code to log in, a lot of owners can’t log in to their PayPal accounts. Maybe that phone number is outdated and the account holder never took the time to update it in settings. I should know.

Here’s the quick verified solution. It took me less than one minute after waiting for weeks from the PayPal support team. This is how I was able to log in to my PayPal account without being sent a text message with a confirmation code.


  • Step 1: Visit an online shop where PayPal is accepted. Choose any shop you want or you can also use my $1 PayPal cart link that I’ve created for this purpose (one of our users, Magdalena, informed us that it works only to pay some low price purchase).

  • Step 2: Act as if you’d make a payment. PLEASE, DO NOT ACTUALLY MAKE THE PAYMENT, I ALWAYS HAVE TO REFUND BECAUSE OF THIS ISSUE. Enter your PayPal email address & password when asked. Remember you do not have to go with this purchase through. Just enter the PayPal email and password without confirming the payment. You should now see yourself logged in to PayPal in the small window store.

  • Step 3: Open a new window from the same browser and visit PayPal’s dashboard. Surprise! You are now logged in. That’s it!

Remember to update your phone number from your PayPal settings. After all, this is why you got stuck in the first place.

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