WordPress Plugins for Easy Digital Downloads Sales Pop Notifications

WordPress Plugins for Easy Digital Downloads Sales Pop Notifications

Why Are Sales Pop Notifications a Total Game Changer for Your Online Store?

In this crazy digital age, shopping options are as abundant as cat videos on YouTube. So, if you’re running an online store, you gotta stand out from the crowd. One solid trick to do this? Social proof.

In an era where digital transactions are commonplace, the online shopper is flooded with choices. To capture the attention of this discerning audience, businesses need to employ effective strategies that resonate with the consumer’s psyche.

Social proof acts as a psychological phenomenon where people mirror the actions of others, with the assumption that their behavior is the correct one. When integrated into an online business, social proof serves as a testament to your product quality and reliability.

Showcasing real-time sales notifications or customer reviews not only boosts your credibility but also helps to instill a sense of urgency and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), encouraging potential buyers to make a purchase.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of WordPress plugins/extensions that provide this feature, but this time we focus specifically on digital stores using Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin.

List of Easy Digital Downloads Extensions for Sales Pop Notifications

EDD Sales Pop - $29.99/year

Our extension, EDD Sales Pop, is specifically made for this purpose. It’s designed solely for this function, eliminating the clutter of hundreds of unnecessary features. Just to showcase your latest Easy Digital Downloads sales to your website visitors in an engaging and interactive way. It’s highly customizable, with options to display recent sales, user avatars, user country, product price etc. You can actually have it for free with Cailo WordPress theme for Easy Digital Downloads.

EDD Sales Pop Plugin

WPFomify (starts from $99/year)

WPFomify integrates with numerous platforms, including Eeasy Digital Downloads. It allows you to display recent sign-ups, downloads, and sales. Plus, its various display options provide great flexibility.

NotificationX (starts from $39/year)

NotificationX allows you to display various types of notifications, including sales alerts. It supports multiple WordPress plugins including Easy Digital Downloads.

Wiser Notify (starts from $128/year)

According to Wisernotify Social Proof Notifications and FOMO Widgets, you can auto-sync your sales from WooCommerce, EasyDigitalDownloads, learndash, memberpress & any other WordPress plugins.

Theme Warrior - EDD Sales Notifications (starts from $39/year)

Another extension to show your potential buyers social proof of your product sales and increase your revenue drastically using this Easy Digital Downloads add-on.

WP House Sales Notification (starts from $8+/month)

According to the developer, this plugin helps you set sales notification pop up styles and behavior in order to displays latest Easy Digital Downloads sales notification with a pop up.

TrustPulse (starts from $108.00/year)

According to TrustPulse, the only requirement is that you must have a website where you can add custom JavaScript in the body of your website’s pages. This means you can also integrate it with Easy Digital Downloads.


As you can notice, there might not be as many options for sales notification popups for Easy Digital Downloads as there are for WooCommerce. But that’s fine, it’s about quality, not quantity.

We stand behind our own EDD Sales Pop plugin and we can only vouch for it. Before you dive into trying out any of the other plugins we’ve mentioned, please, just take a quick minute to chat with their developers. Make sure they play nice with Easy Digital Downloads 100%. It’s always better to double-check first!

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