How to setup the Laravel project cloned from Github

How to setup the Laravel project cloned from Github

So you’ve cloned a Laravel project off But how can you actually run the existing Laravel project on your local?

Following the quick steps below you will get your project started. The tutorial assumes you already have a PHP, MYSQL local server, like EasyPhp. Ready?

  1. Create a database (remember the database name, username, password for step 3).

  2. From the project directory, type in your terminal:

    composer install
    cp .env.example .env
    php artisan key:generate
  3. Open .env and set database (database, username, password)

  4. In order to avoid the error Specified key was too long:

    • Open Providers/AppServiceProvider.php and paste the line below (right after use Illuminate\Suppoer\ServiceProvider; ):
    use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema;
    • Scroll down a bit, right inside public function boot() {}, paste:
  5. Now from your terminal:

    php artisan migrate
    php artisan db:seed
    php artisan serve

You should see something like:

“Laravel development server started:

Visit that link to see your project live.

That’s it. You’ve made it!

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