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Web Designer & Developer

Who I am

Hello! I'm the creator of all the free web apps at WowThemes & BootstrapStarter, and this is my personal donation page. If you appreciate what I do or feel inclined to reward me for any reason, I'd be delighted to receive a cup of coffee from you! :) Your support means the world to me. Thank you so much!

My Philosophy

I enjoy taking time away from my full-time job as a web designer and developer to work on projects that I can share with you for personal and commercial use. I believe in the philosophy of open source and envision it as the promising future. Why compete when we can cooperate and become better together?

Over time, I have published a substantial collection of free open source projects, now utilized by thousands of people. I couldn't be happier.

I provide a wide range of design and coding projects at no cost, and your contributions help make this possible. If you wish to reward my work, it would truly make me feel appreciated. In exchange, if you wish, feel free to remove any credit links to me.

You can track my activity and download my free projects here:

Who sent me coffees

229 coffees received

adibarbu sent me 1
from sent me 2
Thanks for the nice template
starwader from sent me 3
Thank you for sharing that awesome theme!
demtools sent me 3
Anynomus sent me 1
Marie sent me 3
Love your medium inspired theme! Experimenting with using it for another smaller project that is not my main site :)
Anynomus from sent me 2
thanks for the theme, was a great start. I did remove the footer message though :)
InfinityHack3r sent me 1
Great stuff hasn't seen much activity on GitHub in recent months tho Footer removed
Robert Allen from sent me 3
Thanks for the awesome theme! You're a great designer!
Map Maker from sent me 3
You have a great eye for detail.

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